Who tops the Premier League app table?

May, 30 2019

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On 12th May, Manchester City were finally crowned Premier League champions after being pushed right to the wire by Liverpool. We wanted to know how this impacted the mobile world - so we created our own Premier League table, ranking the teams by the popularity of their respective apps.

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This table was created with data collected from May 2018 - May 2019, and therefore encompasses the 2018/19 season and pre-season. We used monthly active users to decide the rankings, in order to give the best reflection of how the apps consistently perform over the year. So how does this compare to the actual league?  

Manchester United look like the team of old, running away with the league with close to double the number of MAUs of Chelsea in second place. United fans haven't seen their team perform this well since the days of Sir Alex Ferguson, but have clearly not let the side's struggling form affect their loyalty.

Man Utd will also be over the moon to see them swap places with local rivals Manchester City, who's app proved far less popular down in 6th. 




Another rivalry where positions are reversed are Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. Gunners fans will be elated to see them clinch the 4th place spot from their North London rivals after failing to do so in the league. 

alli lol

Meanwhile at the foot of the table, all three relegated teams from the season finish above the bottom trio (albeit somewhat by default). 

As seen in App league table, there are 5 Premier League teams that don't have an official app of their own. In these cases we have used their fan apps, created by Spontly, a company that create community-based apps for supporters. 

However, likely due to the lack of promotion from the club, these apps muster minimal downloads and seriously struggle with retention. Despite the club’s best season in their history, Watford are down in a disappointing 18th with less than 1000 downloads of their unofficial app in the last year. However, they would have gained many international fans with their success last season so this could be the perfect time to introduce an official app and climb the table next season.  

Interestingly, it is the lower-mid table teams that have some of the best retentions rates, and MAU:Download ratios - indicating a more loyal and engaged, albeit smaller fanbase. 

palace fans

The Crystal Palace app is particularly impressive, with 27% of total downloads converting into MAUs. 

We recently published an in-depth report exploring the top 6 Premier League team apps, covering global usage and the effect of real world events on app performance. Be sure to follow the link for further insights. 


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