Who Pays - The Holy Grail of User Acquisition

July, 10 2019

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Simon Gannon
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Simon Gannon
Marketing, UA
Finding the users most likely to spend money in your app is the holy grail of user acquisition. To help resolve this challenge, Priori Data parent, appScatter Group Plc, have partnered with a company that offers a credible solution in Bango Marketplace.


Whilst only 5.2% of users spend money on in-app purchases, the average paying user spends $9.60 in monthly transactions per app with purchase activity - more than 20 times the average spend of all users combined. It’s fair to say that identifying these hard to reach paying users is a vital element of any successful app’s revenue model.

Highly competitive markets, savvy app users and a short window of opportunity to shine are driving developers to seek out smarter - and faster - methods to target premium user segments.

Enter Bango.

Founded in 1999 and listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2005, Bango is deployed on the world's leading app stores and used by Amazon, Google, Samsung and Microsoft to process mobile payments. Through a new service, Bango Marketplace, it analyses billions of payment transactions from trusted and regulated payment partners worldwide to gain insights into the buying behaviour of hundreds of millions of users. This transaction intelligence is then made available to app developers and publishers looking to improve user acquisition performance.

The users most likely to pay - BangoBango Marketplace substantially boosts IAP revenues by targeting user acquisition campaigns at those users most likely to spend. These profitable audience segments can be sent to a preferred mobile acquisition channel for seamless campaign roll out.


Hear appScatter CEO Philip Marcella explain the partnership alongside Bango CEO Ray Anderson.


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