How Mobile Market Intelligence Can Benefit Ad Networks

December, 2 2016

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Ben Nolan
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Ben Nolan
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Time is of the essence when you’re working in sales, and that’s doubly true when you’re selling in the dynamic industry that is mobile advertising.

Apps and games can launch, peak, and be yesterday’s newsin incredibly short spaces of time, so it’s important to be able to see how key players in the market are moving all the time, not just in terms of the top charts, but also on performance metrics like download and revenue growth, time since launch, and store featuring.

Priori Data's mobile market intelligence helps teams recognize these opportunities and conduct relevant, contextualized outreach which is highly engaging.

Ad Sales / Demand Side

Using Priori, Ad Sales teams can build lists of apps to reach out to based on real indicators of client success (and therefore potential willingness to spend).

For example, we can build a query (the colored boxes in the top ring) to generate a list of apps on iOS that were launched this year, and are already making at least $20,000/month in revenue (an indication that they may have the budget to acquire users).

mobile market intelligence for ad networks

As we can see, this gives us 1024 results, which is probably still a few too many, and might not give us the context we need to be convincing. So we can add another filter for “Featured” apps (in the editorial spots in the store), which allows us to increase the quality of the leads we’re going to reach out to, but also means we can be more contextual in our outreach (they’re unlikely to be featured forever, and they’ll want to maintain that rank position for as long as possible).

As you can see below, adding the Featured criteria to the query means we’re down to 506 results, which is a little more manageable!

mobile market intelligence for ad networks

Now we can start to build our contact list — normally what we’d want to do here is to export our results (see here for a work-around of the 250 apps export limit) into a sheet. Once we’ve got our 506 prospects into our sheet, there are a couple ways of moving forward.

Our tactic of choice is to have someone go through the list and search for the right people using a Rapportive/LinkedIn hack to find contact information of the relevant person. In any case, make sure you’re reaching out to the person you can actually help, and then pile on the context — it makes you look like you’ve done your research, and people respect that!

We recommend including at least one piece of relevant information, for example:

  • Congrats on the featuring
  • Congratulations on the X% + growth this month (you’ll get MoM growth in the export)
  • Congratulations on being in the best X apps/games on iOS this month

We’ve heard this contextual, personalized approach works really well. You can also leverage our API to enrich email outreach in a similar style. If you try this out too, let us know how you go!

Supply Side / Publisher BD

Of course, it’s also possible to use Priori to inform BD/supply side outreach as well. Rather than using revenue as the filter (as they don’t need to spend money on you in that case) we’d recommend you take a longer period of time, and add a download filter, and then filter that downloads by countries where you have demand, and filter by categories that can run your type of ads well (i.e if you do rewarded video, maybe look for game or app styles that generally play nice with that).

For supply side sales, where you often want to really know how your target has been performing over time, you’ll want to dig into their performance over time, which you can do at an individual app level (eg. using Two Men and a Dog’s great zombie hunting side scroller below).

We can see at a glance which countries they’re doing well in at the moment, and we can also configure the trend chart to show us how the game is performing in geo’s where we have plenty of inventory (let’s imagine we have demand for Russia, USA, Germany and Turkey, as I’ve set up here).

This gives us a lot of information very quickly, to make sure we’re reaching out to relevant partners, and so that we know what we’re talking about when we do.

mobile market intelligence for ad networks

William Black, former Director of Advertising Sales, EMEA at Digital Turbine, had the following to say about working with Priori:

"Priori provided access to data that was useful to identify targets in key markets, which allowed us to expand our presence in both emerging and established markets. The team is top notch, with excellent customer service and a passion for their product."

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