Toppling Tinder - how the dating giant's competitors are taking a swipe

February, 15 2019

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Iva Lila
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Toppling_tinder_web_cover-01In only a short space of time, online dating has evolved from a socially strange concept to the norm, openly embraced by individuals of all ages. Thanks to dating apps, you no longer have to wait until you’re at the bar to try out your best pick-up lines on a potential suitor. The likes of Tinder, Plenty of Fish and Badoo enable you to fire out your best lines anywhere, anytime and even to multiple people at once.

Whether you regard Valentine’s Day as just another 'Hallmark holiday' or not, we thought it was a great excuse to turn our attention to the fast-growing dating app market.

Our latest report, 'Toppling Tinder', assesses data from all dating apps on the two main app stores in the US and in Europe, looking at the key metrics judged to deem app success - downloads, revenue, retention and usage. We joined forces with respected app marketing consultancy, Yodel Mobile, to create the report. Yodel provide insights for the dating app reviews using their unique app marketing success programme, ‘Fit to Market’.

Dating apps is a $700m market in the US and Europe, and Tinder takes three quarters of the value, as well as leading on just about every other measure of app success.

With a 32% share of all downloads on Google Play and iOS, Tinder is the indisputable titan of the industry. In gamifying dating via its pioneering swiping system, Tinder revolutionised how we meet suitors. Gone is the laborious browsing - users simply create a short, snappy profile and the app does the rest. And it seems that users prefer this more basic approach.

In second place to Tinder is the app, Plenty of Fish. Although it is the closest rival, Plenty of Fish doesn’t hold a candle to Tinder, reporting half as many downloads. Throughout 2018, Plenty of Fish struggled with user retention, losing 95% of users between days 1 and 30 in both Europe and the US. In a similar story,’s European performance also reported concerning figures in retention, losing 99% of users after 30 days.

Looking at the European market alone, just eight apps account for 50% of the dating market. Tinder, which is available in 42 languages, leads the pack. Fellow multilingual app Badoo also claims a decent share of the European sector with 12%. As Europe is a far more multilingual territory than the US, it stands to reason that users will find an app that has been well-localised an appealing alternative. The other leading apps of the continent are: Joyride, YouLove, Happn, Once, Plenty of Fish and Meetic.

In the United States, eight apps across iOS and Google account for 50% of the dating market, with Bumble, Badoo, Match, OkCupid, Zoosk and Hinge trailing behind leaders, Tinder and Plenty of Fish.

In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, many assume that smartphone users are searching for a last-minute date for the evening of 14 February.

Interestingly, February shows the lowest downloads of during the year in both the US and Europe which could be attributed to it being the shortest month, but it’s nonetheless surprising that higher download rates would be expected close to the most romantic day of the year.

To view the full report, download it here.Toppling_tinder

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