Three April Updates for our ASO Tools

April, 19 2017

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App store optimization is the biggest thing in the world of app marketing. It's a topic that generates dozens of conferences and many more articles. Every other tweet I see uses #ASO in some way or another. At this point, half our dev team probably dream about ASO. It's everywhere.

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We've been beavering away here in Berlin and come to you with three great new updates.

1. ASO data for Google Play Store

We launched our Keyword Intelligence tool back in 2016. ASO was such an interesting part of the app market intelligence world that we wanted to get started as soon as possible - that meant leading with iOS data. Now, you can search the Google Play Store as well. 

2. Methodology improvements

As part of our ASO offering, we estimate how many installs a given keyword brings in for a given app. The algorithm for this takes several inputs. First, for a given app, it takes the set of keywords associated with it and sorts them according to their relevance. Next, it combines our estimated installs (one of our traditional offerings) for the app with general assumptions about the proportion of installs coming from search, as opposed to channels like advertising or top charts, in order to calculate the total keyword installs. Finally, we estimate a power law distribution over this total that gives us the per-keyword installs; the most relevant keywords earn the most installs.

We received valuable feedback following our initial launch of these estimates and have just pushed a significant update to the methodology, which we think results in much more representative figures. Our users can now quantify the effectiveness of app keywords. 

3. New countries for the ASO data

There are an extra eight - count 'em - eight countries you can search using the Keyword Intelligence tool.

  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey

That's quite a lot to get to grips with.

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