The Priori Data App Store Optimization Book

[fa icon="calendar"] 02-Aug-2017 09:02:00 / by Rowan Emslie

If you google "app store optimization strategy" you're going to find a lot of misleading information.

You're going to find hundreds of guides based on hunches or anecdotal evidence. There will be so-called experts who people in the industry have never heard of. And there will probably be a lot of vague references to mobile app market data that doesn't give you any substantial metrics or understanding of how companies like Priori Data are actually measuring things.

This Playbook will cut through the noise.



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We've spent the past few months gathering some of the most important voices on app store optimization strategies. More than that, we looked into our own data set and decided to explain exactly how we pull up all those keyword stats you see on your dashboard.

If you want to understand ASO, this is the place to look.

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