The State of Freemium Games: A mobile market research report

May, 16 2017

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Simon Singharaj
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Simon Singharaj

We've spent the last few weeks collaborating with our pals at MIDiA Research on their latest report - The State of Freemium Games, Q1 2017.

The freemium model rules the roost when it comes to mobile games. A cursory glance at the top grossing lists will tell you that. But how quickly do different regions take to freemium games? Are some markets not yet ready? Which categories are best suited to the freemium model? Does that differ by region?

MIDiA Research have used Priori's data to answer all those questions and many more.

This report is "a comprehensive assessment of freemium games dynamics in the Top 100 Grossing Charts". And they seriously mean comprehensive. By reading this report you will:

  • Discover the average age of an app (in days) in top 100 grossing games on the Google Play Store and on the App Store
  • Learn which regions recycle the top game charts the fastest
  • Understand the top freemium game categories in the Asian Top 100 grossing game charts and also in the North American charts

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