Remaining competitive in the app economy

May, 15 2019

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We face competition every day. Whether it’s closing a sale, winning a bet or even getting a seat on your morning commute, we’re all engrained to the idea of competing and competition.



Our clients talk to us every day about competition.

How can I do better than my competitors?

Where should I be acquiring users?

How can I can understand market value?

We help people compete more effectively. We help them understand their competitors and we help paint the picture of a market’s competitiveness. It’s not just our customers that experience competitiveness, of course.

Despite it being a relatively uncrowded space, app data providers like us are in hot competition with each other too - and it’s a great thing. It forces us to do our best. Without competition we become satisfied with mediocrity.

The ‘golden triangle’ for app data providers looks something like this:

  • data accuracy
  • functionality (that delivers insights)
  • pricing

Since appScatter acquired the business last Summer, we’ve been laser-focused on these three elements.


Last week, we told you about the amazing work our data science team have achieved in improving the accuracy of our data with the release of the Usage Model Update. Data accuracy is a full time occupation and the latest update was unveiled to platform customers this week (API Users get their hands on it next week). It’s a big step forward in providing ever-more accurate insights.


We also announced that we added Audience Intelligence to the platform, a fantastic addition to our app intelligence suite. Insights into user location, cross-app affinity and the user's device improve customer understanding and offer competitive advantage.

Pricing completes the picture. Our goal is to ensure that developers and publishers keep producing amazing apps. More often than not, we’re seeing many app categories dominated by a few, very well-funded apps. Innovation can come from anywhere, but SMEs tend to offer the most opportunity in providing the market with truly new and different app experiences.

With this in mind, we wanted to completely restructure our pricing model to be simple, all-inclusive and affordable. Here’s what we now have:


All core data products are included for everyone. No minimum subscription periods. No hidden costs and plans starting from $2 a day. Priori Data is the most accessible app data provider competing in the market.

If you’re feeling curious, book a demo with the team to discuss how we might help you compete more effectively. If you don’t, your competitor might.

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