Priori Data's Audience Intelligence Tool: Revamped and Improved

May, 10 2019

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Richard Rose
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Richard Rose

At Priori Data, we continuously strive to improve our services, with a focus on user experience. When parts of our product fail to meet our high standards, we know they must be addressed. That's why we are pleased to reintroduce the new and improved Audience Intelligence tool to our stack of services. 


audience intell cover


What is Audience Intelligence? 

True to its name, this tool provides information on an app's user base. It can be broken down into three main areas of insight: 

1. Location Insights - easily observe any app's user base distribution on a global and city-level breakdown. Learn where your app is most popular and highlight opportunities for market penetration. (due to GDPR restrictions, this insight is limited to non-EU countries.) 

Audience intell 1

Global level location insights for Facebook (Google Play) 


2. Cross-App Usage Insights - build an understanding of your audience's preferences by seeing what other apps users have installed. This can also be filtered by category - need to see what Facebook users' favourite game is? We've got you covered. 

Audience intelligence cross-appCross-app usage insights across all categories for Facebook (Google Play) 


3. Device Insights - deepen your understanding of your audience and cross-device performance with data on the device model of your users. 

audience intell device break

Device Insights for Facebook (Google Play)


What has been improved? 

In our previous version, the sheer amount of data being processed had led to below-par loading speeds, making it an unsatisfying tool to use. 

Our goal is to create excellent solutions and we really care about user experience. For this reason we have rebuilt the tool from the ground-up, vastly improving loading speeds and usability in general. The layout is simple, and allows you to gain the useful and actionable insights you need with just a few clicks. 


How can you use Audience Intelligence? 

The ultimate goal of the Audience Intelligence tool is to give developers and app owners access to a wealth of data to help paint a picture of their user base, and that of their competitors. 

This branch of Priori Data's Mobile Intelligence Stack gives meaningful, real-time insights that allow you to easily highlight ways of getting ahead in the market.

How you manipulate the data is always personal, however we have imagined some interesting use cases. 

Location data could be used on a number of levels. As a developer, you might choose to react to location data by focusing promotional campaigns on struggling areas. Perhaps your app is not optimised for use in certain regions? This can all be identified with location insights. 

Cross-App usage insights is extremely useful for really getting to the bottom of what your audience likes. This goes far further than simply identifying your competitors; you might notice new competitors in app store categories not previously considered (read about the latest changes to app store categories), or learn from the type of apps that are popular and what causes their success. 

Finally, device insights provides further detail and allows you to optimise for popular devices, improving user satisfaction. This data will also work to support strategic roadmapping, and focus efforts in the right places.


How do I access Audience Intelligence? 

If you already have an account please contact your account manager for further details. If you have not got a subscription but think this tool would be of use, please contact our sales team or schedule a demo to discuss. 



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