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April, 5 2017

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Priori Data started out with a clear focus on competitive intelligence. While we put a lot of energy into data analysis, one suggestion that came back to us again and again was for alerts about significant events for specific apps. Starting today, we are happy to introduce Daily Alerts to solve that.

What exactly are Daily Alerts?

The app market is constantly changing and so are the apps of your competitors or apps you’re generally interested in. For us, the most important questions are:

  • Has there been a version update?
  • Did the business change strategy?

Hence, you will get an update with the following data points:

Was there a version update for any of the apps on your Watchlist?

A new version update is usually an important event for an app. It is a chance to solve serious bugs that might have cause bad ratings from users, to introduce completely new features, to work on the app’s ASO or for any other sorts of updates like price changes.

To not miss a beat, we will notify you by email as soon as one of the apps you track releases a version update. You don't need to constantly keep checking in on them or scour every newsletter they put out. We’ll let you know.

Top 5 countries with the highest rank jumps or drops

Being live in a particular country doesn't necessarily mean an app publisher has focused its full attention on it. It is therefore crucial for you to know when one of your competitors is suddenly jumping up the ranks, maybe even overtaking you without you noticing. Or, on the other hand, what if they potentially drop out and go down in the charts? Do they know something you don't? (Maybe it’s the other way around. In which case, good for you!)

From now on, you will get an update for the apps on your Watchlists when an app hits the following criteria:

  • Showing the top 5 countries with the highest absolute rank jumps or drops (e.g. +50, -49)
  • If the rank jump/drop was at least >5
  • And the new rank is within the top 200 in its primary category

How to get Daily Alerts

a brand new competitive intelligence tool

Pretty simple:

  1. Go to your Watchlists
  2. Open ‘Notification Settings’
  3. Activate Daily Alerts for the Watchlists you want to be updated about

Note: Daily Alerts are currently only available for paid users.

For existing users: Go to your Watchlist and activate Daily Alerts

For new users: Create a free account here

Want a demo? Book a slot here

There are plenty of options of what you could get notified about. Let us know in the comments how you like the current format and what else we could do for you regarding alerts and notifications to make your daily work easier and more efficient.

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