Mobile Is Eating Travel [Infographic]

September, 7 2017

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Simon Singharaj
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Simon Singharaj

Ever wondered how the travel industry is being reshaped by mobile?

The team at AppLift had. So they got in touch to collaborate on this great infographic.

They wanted to understand a rapidly changing market:

"According to recent research cited by CMO, 52% of travel related browsing is done on mobile. As global smartphone and tablet adoption increases, there has been a significant growth in the share of travel app revenues, as advertisers recognize the user opportunity."

-- Diksha Sahni, Content Marketing Manager @ AppLift 

app store categories

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This shows the benefit of breaking down app store data by categories and countries. In the Americas, on iOS, Uber is king of the travel category. Rival apps might want to consider switching categories, if possible.

But that isnt't to say that American or Brazilian iOS developers should get sucked into thinking there's no opportunity left in the travel app market. Look at China, Germany, Russia and Japan - all major markets without Uber in sight.

In fact, if you are a travel app developer, this infographic is a pretty good first step to planning an expansion strategy

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This infographic is actually an updated (and expanded) version of an infographic we collaborated on back in 2015. A lot has changed in mobile since then!

Now, the mobile market is distinctly more global - which is why this year's version includes Latin America and Asia Pacific. On the iOS side, Uber and AirBnB have become a lot more dominant. Conversely, Google no longer takes top spot on all the Google Play Store rankings.

That's probably a sign of the Android development scene maturing in the last two years.

Looking forward to seeing how much things change the next time we do this.

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