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August, 11 2017

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Rowan Emslie
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Rowan Emslie

In this tutorial, we will learn how to effectively run a competitive analysis of several apps in different markets. We will create watchlists to have a full overview and app comparison in order to see performances over time.

This is the second in a series about the App Intelligence tool. See the first here.

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Let’s get started by going on “Dashboard > My Watchlists”. By default, you will already have one called “My First Watchlist”. Let’s create a new one called “Music Streaming USA” by clicking on the “+” button.

Let’s add apps into it. In order to do so, click on “Add Apps” and search for them. Let’s add Pandora, iHeartRadio and Mixcloud.

We can see all the apps we selected but only global downloads data for June 2017. Let’s add revenue too and select US for the last 30 days. Now we’re all setup, let’s save our filters so we can easily come back to it with the exact same view.

What we see is already pretty insightful: while Pandora gets almost 50% of the downloads, it generates 88% of the revenue, 12x more than Soundcloud.

Do you see anything missing? Let’s add Spotify. (Note that you don’t have to necessarily unlock an app to add it to a watchlist).

What we can see now is that although Spotify leads in terms of downloads, Pandora generates 6x more revenue!

Now, when did that happen? Let’s have a look at the historical trends in “my comparisons”. Here, I can build a view the same way I did for a watchlist.

As you can see, Pandora started a very aggressive monetization strategy in the last 2 months, almost doubling its revenue per month.

So what's our conclusion?

Soundcloud iOS - whose main source of revenue is the US market - will definitely need to find a stronger positioning in order to convince its user base - mostly independant music fans and musicians - to pay for its service on the long term.

And that’s it! Let’s summarise:

  1. We’ve learned how to first analyse the performance of an app in an app store for several countries
  2. Then how to analyse the market vs other apps over time
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