Mobile Competitive Intelligence Analysis Just Got Easier

June, 16 2017

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It's mid-June and we have an absolute bumper crop of product updates to announce. (And GIFs to show off).

1. Leaderboards

We are introducing a new Leaderboards product to make it a lot easier for users who are primarily interested in getting app store top charts quantified with download and revenue numbers. This will serve as a great supplement to our Custom Markets Report that is reserved for more sophisticated use cases (apply filters and ranges, release date and country of origin).

As is the case with our app intelligence product, we do not tier on countries. Once you have access to a category in Leaderboards you can explore top charts across each of the countries we cover.

Questions you will be able to answer with Leaderboards

  • In my market (based on platform, category, country, & business model) who are the top performers in terms of downloads and revenue and how do I stack up against them?
  • When picking a category, how concentrated are downloads and revenues across different tiers?
  • How many downloads do I need to drive to reach my desired rank in the store charts?
  • How is the market shaping up, who is new and getting traction and who is falling down in ranks?

As always, if you have a paid subscriptions with us, you can export the data for further analysis.


How to access Leaderboards:

Leaderboards will become a new category in our Market Intelligence offering and is available to any customer of that product starting in the basic plan.

If you don't have a Priori Data account yet, book a demo with our customer facing team here and see how it can help you.

2. Save reports and receive a weekly or monthly export right in your inbox

Leaderboards is not the only improvement we’re bringing to Market Intelligence: Avid users of Custom Market Reports will be happy about the following updates.

What’s new in Custom Markets? 

  • Save reports you run frequently (e.g. ‘new iOS puzzle games launched in Australia in last 7 days’)
  • Have a variety of reports in mind? No problem, create multiple reports and save them for later.
  • Want to expand the number of app results you can export from 250? Get in touch and tells us what you need.

Little bonus:

Receive a weekly or monthly email of your reports to your inbox. Easy as that.

custom markets.gif

Saving filters and setting up multiple reports is available for any user of the Market Intelligence plans.

If you want to get weekly and/or monthly reports sent right to your inbox and/or increase the amount of apps in your exports, contact our customer team and we’ll get you set up.

3. Keyword Intelligence Updates

a) Keyword Downloads

A few months ago, we launched our first ever ASO product and have been tweaking it ever since. We set out with the very ambitious goal of quantifying the number of downloads derived from individual keywords. Despite numerous attempts, we have not found a scientifically viable approach to validating and continuously improving the accuracy. We labeled it 'beta' because we knew there was a chance this would not work, and based on the user feedback we have received, we have decided to pause these efforts for the time being and will be removing the stat from the platform. 

We have not given up on the mission and Keyword Intelligence will continue to be a focus of our work, since it is an important aspect of any app marketers’ life. In the immediate near term, we will be investing time and resources into the following improvements of our ASO product.

  • Better information around rank, search popularity and competitive score
  • Keyword Intelligence UX & functionality improvements to simplify and make the tool work better for you rather than creating additional tasks on your end.

The first improvement is already here: you can now add multiple keywords at once. Should you keep your keywords in a spreadsheet or in another dashboard, simply copy & paste all of them into the input field and you will add them to app and track them.

bulk keyword uploads.gif

Stay tuned for more fine tuning on this tool!

4. [As of 2017.06.19] Revenue Model Update

Through our Data Partner program with app developers and -publishers, we’ve added a lot of new data sources and subsequently made it possible for our Data Sciente to push an update to our our revenue model with a full historical rerun our data set. Find more about this here.

If you own an app and would like to learn more about how you can get one year of free access to our App Intelligence Basic plan, you should check it out.

Too shy to book a demo?

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