Keyword Optimization Means Knowing Your Competitors' Keywords

August, 14 2017

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Rowan Emslie
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Rowan Emslie

In the previous videos, we saw how to create a keyword list via Keyword Ranking and how to finetune it by exploring new keyword ideas via Keyword Explorer.

This is the third in a series of three Keyword Intelligence tutorials. 
1st video here. 2nd video here.

Follow along with the script below

Keeping track of your competitor's keywords

In this tutorial, we will use the section “Keyword Comparison” in which we will be able to assess our performance against our competitors’.

Remember: for the purposes of these tutorials, we’re taking Soundcloud as our example app.

Let’s first add a few competitors: Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, Mixcloud and iHeart Radio.

Note that you will have to unlock them in order to see their data. Simply click on the little padlock next to their name. Seeing the history of those keywords comes for free so there’s no need to double track them.

Once it’s done, you will see keywords from your list and the corresponding ranks for your and your competitors’ apps. Select one to see the changes in rank over time.

You also can add keywords to your list directly from this section by clicking on “Add a keyword”.

And that’s it! So let’s summarise:

  • We’ve seen together how to make your first keyword list and narrow it down to the most important ones
  • Explore new ideas and their potential
  • Compare your keyword ranks against your competitors 

You’re now ready to start your own ASO Strategy.

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