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February, 22 2017

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Patrick Kane
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Patrick Kane
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In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how hedge funds and equity research departments use Priori Data App Intelligence to monitor and evaluate the performance of individual apps.

“The equity markets are eyeing the new game launch from Nintendo — how is the early performance shaping up versus expectations from the Street?”


Priori Data App Intelligence is a powerful tool for understanding, benchmarking, and tracking the performance of mobile apps, whether they are published by privately held startups or publicly traded entities. We update all results daily, have a transparent data methodology, and deliver industry leading estimate accuracy.

As an investor, more data points means better calibration of your expectations, and, ultimately, your results. Priori Data App Intelligence allows you to build data-driven investment theses and see how they perform over time, whether it’s inside our powerful online platform, via API feeds directly into your BI systems, or delivered passively via smart alerts.

Fundamental App Research

At the core of Priori Data App Intelligence is daily, quantified estimate of the performance of a given app across three key metrics: store ranks, downloads, and store revenue. Breakouts of performance are available by device, country, and time-period, and the platform is pre-loaded with flexible visualizations and data groupings that speed up your work, like weekly data aggregations and stacked area charts.

mobile app market intelligence
Looney Tunes Dash Google Play performance data snapshot

Head-to-Head Comparisons

Want to benchmark the performance of a given app against its competitors? With the “Compare Apps” view in Priori Data App Intelligence, you can compare the historical performance of up to 10 apps side-by-side, with plenty of filter options to drill-down to specific metrics, countries, devices, or time periods that are relevant for your review, such as following a new product update or after a big press release.

mobile app market intelligence comparisons
Stacked area chat of niche app market performance over time.

Priori Data’s Compare Apps reports also allow you to plot Apple and Google Play results for the same app in a single graph, which saves valuable time and allows you to quickly answer questions about which platform is most important for a particular app franchise.

Comparisons can be saved and stored directly in our platform (with all filters preserved) for one-click navigation, allowing you to keep your favorite views always within reach.

Watchlist Comparisons

Priori Data’s Watchlist functionality gives you a simple way to calculate and visualize market share of a given app against a group of named competitors. Is your target company looking to disrupt an incumbent insurance provider? Here’s where you can see how much progress they have been making in key markets.

As you unlock apps within Priori App Intelligence, you will be prompted to add apps to a Watchlist. Watchlists can be created on the fly, and every Watchlist will be saved in the Dashboard section labeled “My Watchlists”.

mobile app market intelligence watchlists
Watchlist view of specific niche market (Endless Runner games)

Watchlists can be a broad or narrow as your definition of a competitive market. Are markets country specific? Do you want to separate between “web first” and “mobile first” companies? Build individual Watchlists for full flexibility, as many as you like.

On each Watchlist, you will be able to see the market share of each app on the list as a % of the total, as well as the individual app and overall list growth since the prior period. As always, filters can be applied by metric, country, device, and time period, and you can also add apps cross-platform.

Monitoring & Tracking

Priori Data App Intelligence also offers two key features that keeps you and your organization fully-up-to-date on target app activities, without having to build messy excel or powerpoint reports week-to-week.

First, if you are on a plan which supports multiple users on your account, you can share watchlists with other members of your organization directly. Second, all users can elect to receive a Weekly Digest via email containing the summary performance of all watchlist apps over the past week.

monitoring mobile app market intelligence
Example Weekly Digest email delivery


If you are investing in mobile apps, you are inevitably looking to triangulate between qualitative and quantitative data points to build a better informed strategy. Priori Data App Intelligence can play a key role in your qualitative analysis, delivering accurate, timely, and relevant statistics that are excellent leading indicators for future earnings reports.

Schedule a call with one of our representatives today so that you can begin making smarter decisions with your mobile investments.

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