Bolster your competitive intelligence tools with Multiple Watchlists

[fa icon="calendar"] 16-Nov-2016 15:39:00 / by Patrik Winkler

We’re continuing to bring new functionality into Priori Data, and this week we introduced an ability for all of our users to create multiple watchlists.

The reason for doing this is simple: not all apps you care about fit nicely together on a single list. We’ve seen users like you build competitor lists across multiple countries, build lists consisting of just their own apps, or even using the watchlist to get a quick cross-platform (iOS and GP) aggregation stat for a single app. Our Multiple Watchlist feature enables these use-cases.

Here’s a quick preview of how it works:

From the Dashboard section of your account you can create a new Watchlist from the column on the left:

competitive intelligence tools

When you are on any App Page of an app you are tracking, you can add the app directly to one (or more) Watchlists, and then navigate directly to that Watchlist if you wish.

competitive intelligence tools

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