Introducing Mobile Usage Stats and Audience Segmenting

November, 2 2017

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Today, we’re releasing two new key functionalities within the Priori platform that enable you to:

  • Have a better understanding of how a given app’s user base is engaged and retained; and,
  • Segment and target billions of anonymized mobile devices via an exclusive partnership with the Kochava Collective, with a $10,000 voucher

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Usage Intelligence for all ranked apps in 6 core markets (and more to come)

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 10.53.36.png

Thanks to a data pool of 250,000 apps and 3.5bn unique device IDs, the largest in the industry, and the hard combined work of our data scientists and developers, we are now able to estimate usage metrics for all ranked apps in US, UK, AU, CA, DE, JP. This includes:

  • DAU
  • MAU
  • Cohorted and average day 1,7,30 retention

These metrics are now available in the following existing features:

  • App Performance (Quick Stats and Historical Trends)
  • Watchlists (by end of week)
  • Custom Markets

Why does it matter?

Focus on user retention. Go deeper with your market analysis. Engaged users are more important than those who only try out an app for a day or two. Are all these downloads quality traffic? Or are they just here today, gone tomorrow?

Measure the impact of new features. When new features come out, apps might experience a spike in downloads - a little press coverage, some chatter, maybe even a store featuring. But the real test for growth teams is whether these changes keep users around for longer. Don’t jump the gun on matching a new feature until you know it works.

Validate investor interest. “Showing massive downloads without a robust retention strategy won’t cut it anymore. Just ask an investor!” Dustin Amrhein, Director of Mobile @

Understand your competitor’s moves. Longevity matters more than quick spikes in adoption (see: Snapchat). You might see a longtime competitor move past you. You might even see a new app explode to the top of the charts.

Audience Segmenting and Targeting for 250k apps: real data from 3.5bn unique mobile devices available for your UA campaigns

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 11.01.25.png

Thanks to strong partnerships with data suppliers, including the world’s largest independent mobile data marketplace in the Kochava Collective, Priori can now provide actual observed data for billions of devices across the world, filterable by:

  • City-level location detail
  • Cross-app ownership and affinity data
  • Device breakout
  • Audience campaign activation via an exclusive partnership

Why does it matter?

Target competitor’s user base. With Audience Intelligence, get a clear view on what types of users are using your competitor’s app.

Expand reach with Cross-App Affinity. Ever wondered if Tinder users were likely to play Pokemon Go, or if Freeletics freaks were crazy about Paleo Apps? Well it’s now possible. No more guess work. With Cross-App Affinity, you can segment and target custom audiences by analyzing their favorite apps.

Activate custom audiences and target them in your display networks. Facebook and Google are probably your favorite ones. But there are tons of other places where you can reach your ideal user. Get a $10,000 voucher to the Collective by Kochava for your Advertising Campaigns to build your own custom audiences and push them to the most relevant Ad Networks.

Early Access customers qualify for special pricing through Nov 30, 2017

Get a demo to see the new data in action and speak with a sales representative to find a plan that fits your needs. Usage & Audience Intelligence includes:

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