How to Analyze Mobile App Market Data with Leaderboards

August, 10 2017

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Rowan Emslie
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Rowan Emslie

Market Intelligence is one of Priori’s most straightforward yet powerful products. It combines market level data with highly granular filters that allow users to create, explore, benchmark and monitor mobile market segments across all countries and categories in both Google Play and the App Store.

This is part one of our Market Intelligence video series. See part 2 here.

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Analyze an app market segment via Leaderboards

With Market Intelligence, you'll be able to run high-level market analysis or identify niche markets and business opportunities.

In this video, we will see how to analyze an app market segment via Leaderboards.

Let’s get started and go to “Market Intelligence > Leaderboards”. This feature shows a high level overview of the top 250 apps for a given market. If we have a look at the top free apps in the Apple App Store category “Music”, in Canada, sorted by Revenue, for the last 30 days.

In the first section, you can see at a glance both the fastest growing apps and the ones in decline. Alongside that, you can see the average revenue to reach position 10 and the tiering of revenue for this market segment. 

In this case, although Spotify is leading the market with its in-app subscription model, we can flag Soundcloud, Tidal and Deezer as being serious challengers. 

We also know that 77% of the revenue has been generated by the top 10 apps in the last 30 days, getting at least $600/day. 

In the section below, we can see the list of those top 250 apps. 

When analyzing the top 10, we can see the market is dominated by 3 types of apps:

  1. Music streaming (Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal and Deezer)
  2. Radio apps (TuneIn, Slacker and Saavn)
  3. Musician apps (Smule, Magic Piano and Tabs & Chords)

Note that although the app Tabs & Chords only got 3000 downloads, it generated $18000 which gives it an Average Revenue Per User of $6 (All the other top 9 apps averaged just $3).

Does anything else occur to you? Yes, that’s right: the publisher Smule has 4 apps in the top 20. Let’s switch to the publishers view to dig a bit deeper.

Smule is leading the market by focusing its strategy on diversifying apps at the crossroads between music, entertainment and social media.

That’s it! So now you’re able to create your own leaderboards and quickly analyse a market in order to make high level business decision. 

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