Going Beyond App Store Categories

August, 10 2017

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Rowan Emslie
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Rowan Emslie

In the previous video, we saw how to analyse a market segment in a given app store category.

This is part two of our Market Intelligence series. See part 1 here.

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How to identify niche markets with Custom Markets Reports

Within our previous analysis, we identified three sub-segments in the top 10 free music apps with in-app revenue:

  1. Music streaming (Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal and Deezer)
  2. Radio apps (TuneIn, Slacker and Saavn)
  3. Musician apps (Smule, Magic Piano and Tabs & Chords)

Now, let’s say we want to have a better understanding of the Radio apps niche market. To do so, we are going to learn how to use Custom Markets Reports.

Let’s create a new custom report called “Radio Apps Canada”. In this section, you can filter by keywords included in the title and/or description of an app. By entering “Radio”, we create a subset of apps related to radio. 

We can then narrow down our segment by filtering by various criteria. Let’s pick apps on the App Store, in the category “Music” that are free and include in-app Purchases. 

We can now focus on the Canadian market in the last 30 days, and exclude apps below $10,000.

We have a list of 15 apps who generated 169k in downloads and $314k in revenue in the last 30 days. You can also switch to the publisher view and, finally, save your custom report.

Now that you’re set up, you can easily export your report in a CSV file or receive it by email on a weekly or monthly basis.

And that’s it! You have now everything you need in order to run a deep analysis of your markets with Market Intelligence.

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