Education in Singapore: The apps serving the world's smartest country

April, 18 2019

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Data recently published by placed Singapore as the highest ranking country for average IQ. We decided to have a look at what apps are influencing this, and how the country are implementing mobile technology to advance their intellectual reputation. 


The 'Education' category is available on iOS and Google Play, however is perhaps often overlooked by the average consumer, more concerned with games, social media and utilities that make their life easier. Giving attention to an app that requires higher levels of concentration is, predictably, less appealing.

However, holding the opinion that people only use their phones in their down time is outdated. Education apps are becoming increasingly popular and apps falling into this category are wide-ranging and for all different ages and purposes. 


In comparison to a lot other countries, the education category does seem to be more successful in Singapore. For example, the highest ranking app, Parents Gateway, places a very respectable 20th in the country's overall downloads for Q1 2019 on Android, and 30th on iOS. 

This might not seem overly impressive, but when we compare it to USA, whose most popular educational app Photomath can only manage 135th on iOS and 72nd on Android, the difference becomes more apparent. 


singapore GP top10


One particularly striking trend is the governmental influence in this category. Singapore are up there with the world leaders when it comes to integrating technology into all parts of daily life. They already have aims to be the world's first 'Smart City', which will involve self-driving buses, mobile healthcare and energy-saving homes. 

It appears that education hasn't been overlooked either. Parents Gateway was developed by the Ministry of Education to help schools to communicate with parents; allowing notifications for important events, access to academic progress, and an easy system for gaining parents permission for various activities. By improving efficiency in these processes they hope to empower schools to focus on educating young people. 

Similarly, is developed by Civil Service College; a college for government employees in Singapore. Aimed at an adult demographic, it hopes to help users 'upskill and reskill in a digital workplace'; offering a number of modules, accessible on-the-go. 


learngov iOS Downloads (#)

However, after reading an abundance of 1-star reviews it seems this app has a long way to go to maintain active users. The app saw a huge uptake in January, presumably after a promotional campaign, but has since struggled with a current average 30-day retention rate of 1.5%. 


sing cover

Early January also saw a huge increase in downloads for the American company ClassDojo and their eponymous app. Initially they far surpassed even the likes of Parents Gateway, seeing growth of 1.1k%/835.7% (Android/iOS) from Q1 of 2018; but have also struggled with consistency. Serving a very similar purpose to Parents Gateway, it seems that the governments app will be the preferred choice for parents in Singapore. 


sing comparison


With the government investing in mobile development in the education category, mainstream developers will be hard-pushed to win over the Singaporean market; a task made harder by the people's apparent lack of patience with underperforming apps demonstrated by low retention rates. 


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