Everything You Need to Know About Our Data

November, 8 2018

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Simon Gannon
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Simon Gannon

Everything You Need to Know About Our Data (but were afraid to admit you didn't understand)

Our clients typically fit one of two moulds.

The first set are those who want to access the data to immediately use the insights to improve their respective businesses. They don't need to know how we arrived at the estimates we have, just that we have estimates they can start using immediately.

The second type need to understand where the source data came from, how we make estimates and even the techniques we use to make our calculations, before they ever consider trusting the data. These types quiz us about data accuracy, the quality of our data sources and the overall trustworthiness of our service. They need to feel that we care about the data as much as they do. Luckily, WE DO!

We also went into a lot more detail in a post last year.

Confession time. I admit that if I was buying this service I'd be in the former camp. I'd probably ask a few cursory questions about how the estimates were arrived at, then take the salesperson's answers at face value and move on. I don't really understand Data Science. I'm not sure what Big Data is. I'm confounded by Machine Learning. And what I know about Regression analysis isn't really worth knowing. So I wouldn't try to get in a conversation about those things. I'm sure there are many others like me too.

So to help the data-naïve like me and to satisfy those hungry for more of a deeper dive into our end-to-end methodology, we created this handy infographic.

We hope it helps you understand the process. If you'd like to know more or want to ask more specific questions, book yourself into a demo where we can run through your specific questions (as well as explain Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning and Regression analysis in words even I can understand ). Book your demo. 


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