Create Your First List of App Store Optimization Keywords

August, 14 2017

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Rowan Emslie
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Rowan Emslie

Keyword Intelligence is Priori’s answer to a major challenge app marketers are dealing with: App Store Optimization.

With Keyword Intelligence, you'll be able to increase your rankings for keywords that are relevant for your app, improve your visibility in the app stores and thus grow your organic downloads.

This is the first in a series of three Keyword Intelligence tutorials.
2nd video here. 3rd video here.

Follow along with the script below

Let’s start from the beginning: creating your first list.

In the section called Keyword Ranking, you can track and optimize keywords for a given app on both Google Play and the App Store.

First, pick the app for which you want to optimize keywords. For this tutorial, let’s choose the iOS version of Soundcloud. In order to start, you have to unlock the app. You have a limited number of unlocks depending on the plan you’re in. You can easily check how many of them you have left by checking the bottom left hand corner of the dashboard.

Let’s unlock this app. While unlocking it, you can also directly add it to a Watchlist or skip this step and do it later.

If you own this app, you can unlock it for free by connecting your app store account. In addition to that, you will get 12 months of Premium account for free, worth $2,400. To learn more about it, you can click here.

Pick a country and a device. Let’s say USA and iPhone.

Let’s add some keywords now. By default, we list the top 100 keywords your app is currently ranking for, with the corresponding rank visible on the right. In order to get the Search Popularity and the Competition Score, click on “track” on the right. Let’s track “new music”, a generic keyword for which we’re ranking 3rd. As you can see, it has a decent Search Popularity but also a pretty high Competition score in US with New Music and Spotify in the top 2. I suggest we import more keywords so we can focus on less competitive ones.

If you’ve already listed a bunch of keyword ideas in a spreadsheet or in a doc - which I strongly recommend you do - you can import them by clicking on “Add Keywords” and copy paste them like this. Note that they must be separated by a comma or new line.

Select a keyword in the list in order to see your ranks over time and who is currently ranking in the top five for this keyword.

Now that we have a first list of all sorts of keyword, we can start narrowing them down by removing irrelevant keywords with low popularity score and high competition. Let’s hide suggestions. Then sort by descending competitive score so we can easily delete the irrelevant ones. For that, we just have to click on the X right there on the right.

And that’s it!

In this video we’ve seen how to create a first basic keyword list. In the next tutorial we will see how to improve it by exploring new keyword ideas thanks to “Keyword Explorer”.

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