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Richard Rose
Marketing Assistant at Priori Data

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Exploring Mobile Personalisation - are Apple missing a trick?

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 11, 2019 / by Richard Rose posted in iOS, Google Play, App Store, Personalisation, Android

‘Personalisation’ has become something of a buzzword for businesses across all kinds of industries. With growing importance being placed on customising the user experience, we wanted to see how this trend has transposed into the mobile world.

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The *Updated* Complete Guide to App Store Categories

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 3, 2019 / by Richard Rose posted in ASO, Google Play, App Store

In August 2017, we provided a complete guide to app store categories - almost 2 years later we are back with an updated version, accounting for any app store changes and new lessons we have learnt.

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What's the weather like up there? A look into the Russian Weather Mobile Market

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 26, 2019 / by Richard Rose posted in Market Reports, data, Weather, Russia, Yandex, App Intelligence

Spanning across 17.1 million km², 2 continents and 11 time zones, it comes as no surprise that Russia's vast size results in a hugely varied and complex climate. But are any apps up to the challenge of providing the Russian people with their much needed weather report? We took a closer look at the data from the country's weather category to find out. 

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Food in Italy - who's taking the biggest slice of the mobile market?

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 22, 2019 / by Richard Rose posted in Apps, Italy, Food & Drink, Mobile, Just Eat, McDonald's, Food, Drink, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Italian mobile market

Earlier this month, Italian food was officially crowned as the world’s favourite cuisine, according to a survey by YouGov. But what food apps are capitalising on the Italian market and their food love affair? 

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St. Patrick's Day: All you need to know about the Irish app market

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 15, 2019 / by Richard Rose posted in Games, Apps, St. Patrick's Day, Guinness, Ireland, Travel, Shopping, iOS, Coin Master

This Sunday, the world turns green for St Patrick’s Day and in honour of this wonderful celebration, we’ve pulled together some trends to present a picture of the Irish app market in 2019.

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