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January, 1 1970

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Has Tinder Been Toppled?

Mobile Games in Q3 - Battle Royale titles staring down the barrel

Hailing a Ride in Nigeria

The Apps We Trust to Get Our Daily News Fix

Who is winning the luxury e-commerce race?

How AI-Powered Apps Are Revolutionising Healthcare

Shrink Your Carbon Footprint, One App at a Time

DAU Model Update 4.5

Netflix should be worried about new entrants in the streaming market

The apps transforming the face of social media

Harry Potter Wizards Unite: More than just a Pokémon Go copycat?

Gaming’s Growing Revenues Fuelled by Battle Royale and New Sub-Genres

Who Pays - The Holy Grail of User Acquisition

6 Tips for Boosting Your Brand with Snapchat

More than a novelty: The AR apps improving our lives

Which French cookbook apps hold the recipe for success?

Buying a Home in the USA

Beneath the Skin of the Beauty App World

The 5G effect: Which apps will benefit?

Who leads the mobile banking market?

Who tops the Premier League app table?

The Shape of the Fitness app market

USA Travel: How are Americans saving money on flights?

Remaining competitive in the app economy

Mobile Games: A report on Q1 2019

Priori Data's Audience Intelligence Tool: Revamped and Improved

Usage Model Update 4.0, May 13th 2019

Are apps changing the face of UK fashion?

Education in Singapore: The apps serving the world's smartest country

India Elections 2019: Which apps are keeping voters informed?

Exploring Mobile Personalisation - are Apple missing a trick?

Uber-Careem deal: The Middle East has its milestone tech moment

The *Updated* Complete Guide to App Store Categories

What's the weather like up there? A look into the Russian Weather Mobile Market

Three Months On: Lifting the Lid on Tumblr's Adult Content Ban

Food in Italy - who's taking the biggest slice of the mobile market?

What is the World's Favourite Mobile Browser App?

St. Patrick's Day: All you need to know about the Irish app market

GDC 2019 - Will Google Go Big on Games?

Nintendo Set for Big Summer

The future may be uncertain, but the present is mindful...

What is going on with the Google Play Ranking Algorithm?

Will Subscriptions Transform the Mobile Games Market?

91st Academy Awards: Streaming apps crash the Oscars party

MWC Barcelona 2019 - folding phones, 5G and app data intelligence!

Toppling Tinder - how the dating giant's competitors are taking a swipe

Preview of the White Nights Conference - Berlin 2019

2019: The Year Of The Celebrity ‘App-ocalypse’?

The Market for Food Delivery is Heating Up

Everything You Need to Know About Our Data

Usage Model Update, 03 August 2018

Download Model Update, 08 May 2018

Growing Pains: Focusing Past The Install

Download Model Update, 11 April 2018

Usage Models Update, 16th Feb 2018

Is DAU divided by MAU equal to Retention?

2018 Predictions for the Mobile Economy

App Store Pre-Orders: New Marketing Opportunity for app publishers?

Increase Mobile Retention 101: what is it and why it’s important

Priori Data joins ONXCHNG Program as a Strategic Partner

App Promotion Summit Berlin 2017: Tips & Learnings

Priori Data opens the Featured Partner Program

AppDays Paris 2017: Croissants, Apps and Data

Estimation Model Update: 12/11/2017

Introducing Mobile Usage Stats and Audience Segmenting

Dear Indie Devs: App Store Optimization Tips Aren't Enough

The Data Partner Program FAQ

Estimation Model Update: 09/26/2017

What the Mobile App Market Talked About at Dmexco 2017

How To Assess Our Mobile Data Accuracy

3 Things Mobile App Developers Can Learn From The Apple Event

Mobile Is Eating Travel [Infographic]

Top Tips for your App Store Optimization Localization Campaigns

Our Brand Is Transparency

Better Model Updates Means Better Mobile App Data

How to Run an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Finding New App Store Optimization Keywords

Keyword Optimization Means Knowing Your Competitors' Keywords

Create Your First List of App Store Optimization Keywords

Master Our Competitive Intelligence Tools

Preparing Your User Acquisition Strategy with Download and Revenue Data

Going Beyond App Store Categories

How to Analyze Mobile App Market Data with Leaderboards

The Priori Data App Store Optimization Book

The Complete Guide To App Store Categories

How To Increase Mobile App Retention Rates Like A Pro

How To Use App Market Data To Fuel Mobile Growth

A Song of Streaming Apps

Using Apple Search Ads To Choose High-Volume, High-Value Keywords

How Do ASO Tools Actually Work?

Has There Been a Change to the App Store Algorithm?

Estimation Model Update: 07/07/2017

The Indian Mobile Gaming Company Taking Aim At The World

What does a Mobile Growth Team do, exactly?

Growing Up In Public

A Masterclass in App Store Videos

Estimation model update 19/06/2017

Mobile Competitive Intelligence Analysis Just Got Easier

The Dos and Don'ts of Mobile App Marketing

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Mobile Marketers

The Apple WWDC Announcements that Matter for Mobile App Marketing

Lifetime Value: Using LTV to plan marketing campaigns

How to Get Featured by Apple and Bypass the App Store Rankings

The State of Freemium Games: A mobile market research report

LTV: What is it and why is it important?

Data On Mobile User Behavior Has Become a Crutch for Online Advertisers

Reports of Facebook's Impending Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Increase Mobile Retention Rates with Better Push Notifications

Four Things We Learned From RovioCon

Rovio's User Engagement Strategy Relies on Live Ops

Three April Updates for our ASO Tools

How Does User Acquisition Work for Secure Messenger Apps?

Health Apps Fit Into Two App Store Categories - Which one works better?

Step Up Your Competitive Intelligence Techniques With... Daily Alerts

Pharma Apps Fail Because They Have No User Acquisition Strategy

All The Top Mobile Game Developers By Revenue Are Using Live Ops

How Do You Measure Failure In A Mobile Startup?

Estimation model update, 3/23/2017

Snapchat Needs To Forget User Acquisition And Start Talking About Retention

Rovio in 2016: A lesson in user acquisition strategy

Measuring Mobile App Performance Isn't Enough - you have to do it right

Mobile App Market Intelligence for Investors

Creating a Competitive Intelligence Report for the App Economy

App Store Keyword Optimization: Often, High and Early

The Puzzle of Puzzle Games: A German mobile app market report

Our New App Store Keyword Optimization Tools

Estimation model update, 1/30/2017

The Terrible Truth About App Success (and how ASO tools can help)

Could Facebook Spell Trouble For Snapchat’s IPO?

How Mobile Market Intelligence Can Benefit Ad Networks

Estimation model update, 11/17/2016

Bolster your competitive intelligence tools with Multiple Watchlists

Estimation model update, 11/14/2016

Estimation model update, 11/7/2016

A Seven Step Roadmap To Launching an App (that will comply with the app store algorithm)

Estimation model update, 11/2/2016

Estimation model update, 10/30/2016

Estimation model update, 10/12/2016

Going Beyond App Store Rankings to Analyze App Performance

The Apple App Store Analytics That Investors Ask About

Why you need mobile app market intelligence before launch

This is how you use App Store analytics to pitch to VCs (and succeed)

Why you should focus on app store rankings, not paid installs

Measuring App Retention Strategies: Twitter will probably be fine

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