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See the impact of individual keywords and compare them against the competition.

UPDATE: We have made changes to our ASO tools. Please see this post for a detailed break down of our work.

When we expanded our product offering late 2016 and decided to offer an ASO tool, we were clear about our focus to help mobile businesses grow organically. A major pain point for app businesses of any size is the uncertainty around what impact individual keywords have on their app store search performance. Hence, our stated goal was to offer a metric to solve this problem in the daily life of any mobile business.

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Keyword Downloads

From the beginning, we included Apple’s Search Popularity for the US in the tool and, in an industry first, we’ve provided estimates for this metric for other countries, so that users have a consistent metric across the platform which they can refer to in their decision making. This however is only an indicator for the general search traffic coming to a keyword.

Now, with Keyword Downloads you will be able to better understand how many downloads you are getting from a specific keyword rank position and additionally, how many downloads this keyword is generating compared to others.

app store optimization keyword search
Keyword Downloads are estimated on a daily basis. Especially for branded keywords the concentration is highly on the first results.

Here’s what you get

A) Total Keyword Downloads: see how many downloads a keyword is generating in total in a specific country on a daily basis

B) Distribution across ranks: analyse how those downloads are being distributed across apps that are ranked for a keyword

C) Evaluate which keywords are performing best for your app (or your competitor) and quantify the impact of those keywords on your overall organic performance.

keyword optimization
Example for Snapchat and how much each of the shown keywords is contributing to its overall Keyword Downloads performance.
Alongside Search Popularity and Competition Score, with keyword downloads you now have a comprehensive set of tools to help you decide which keywords to pick, keep or delete.

How this is calculated

We’ve built a powerful parameter search algorithm that uses our app download estimates, keyword app ranking scrapes, and proprietary measures of keyword popularity and brand to determine the distribution of keyword installs across rank positions for each individual keyword/country.This algorithm gives us keyword installs at the app-keyword-country level, which we are then able to aggregate up to the app or keyword level.
app store optimization keyword search

How to use it

‘As soon as you track a keyword for a specific country, you will be able to see a) the Total Keyword Downloads and b) the amount of installs being driven to individual apps you are tracking for that keyword.

Keyword Comparison

In addition to the release of our hotly anticipated keyword downloads metric, we’ve added another new feature that is definitely worth checking out — Keyword Comparison. Now that you have a good understanding of the organic attribution of your own apps thanks to keyword installs, you’re probably interested in how you stack up against your competitor(s) for keywords you’re both targeting. We’ve introduced the Keyword Comparison dashboard for this very purpose.

app store optimization keyword search
Keyword Comparison view for HelloFresh. It’s competitor Blue Apron started targeting the keyword ‘hello fresh’ on January 6

Your keyword performance against competitors in one view

Under the “Keyword Comparison” tab, you’ll new find a visual overview of your keyword rankings versus those of your competitors. Once you’ve added your competitors’ apps on the Keyword Comparison screen, select a keyword to start comparing your app’s performance against others for that keyword. This will help you get an understanding of which keywords you’re gaining traction for in terms of your rank position versus where you’re losing ground, helping you to determine which keywords you should keep and which you should consider dropping. This view also makes it easy to identify new keywords to pick by showing you where your competitors are generating keyword installs.

keyword optimization tool
Example view: See how much traffic is coming from branded searches and where your competitors are gaining traction/where is untapped potential

How it works

  • Go to the Keyword Comparison section for your own app
  • Add up to 7 competitors per country to compare historical rank keyword performance in one view
  • You only need to track a keyword once; keyword ranks for your competitors come for free
  • If you want to see keyword downloads for your competitors, track the keyword for them
  • Competitors are displayed on a per country basis => compile a localized competitor list to better understand the competition
  • Keyword comparison is shared across the whole team so that you can be in sync and see changes others have made

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